The Innovative Expert System for HR management

How do you find a talented employee for your company?

“Technology Moves the World. When you make in a split second what others would take hours to do, everything seems magical. “- Steve Jobs

Talent Finder, Talent Recruiter and Talent Developer

Help you to solve the problem with Recruiting Specialists and High

Skill Jobs…or with Low Skill Jobs…


IMDE has developed the innovative and flexible personnel solutions

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What is the essence?

Talent Finder Video

The Talent Finder identifies the suitable professionals for you.

What is the problem with Social Recruiting?


1. The filtering is too crude.

2. Many profiles are incomplete, poorly made or embellished.

3. Reliable information about knowledge and skills are lacking.

4. Who to contact first?

       Where is the Solution and how do you start?

  • The reinforcement desire is read.
  • The interested person clicks on the link you get it.
  • The Talent Finder starts…
  • Checks the basic requirements, evaluate the potential.
  • Shows the result in the ranking.



You contact the best first.

Identifies suitable professionals in 3 steps:

  • Reinforcement desire reads and interested?
  • Basic requirements fulfilled?
  • Enough potential available?

Example of Construction Manager:
Potential ranking – Basic requirements – Profile values


“With the PEP Talent Finder you can do in minutes what would take weeks either-way.”-Daniel D. Thönen

What is your Talent Management?

HR Talent Finder relief and give you more time for other things
Fill vacancies faster in ¼ of the previous time and ½ of the previous costs.
Talent Recruiter brings certainty, better decisions and employee.

 Talent Developer©

PEP talenti

Help you to identify potentials and develop them specifically.

It is useful for

  • Instructing, training and coaching of talented professionals.
  • Specific development issues and actions.
  • Individualized training materials.
  • Captures jump risk and reasons.
    And as HR platform for all with easy administration.

The participants have to answer one of the questionnaires according to the specific function: Experts, Project management, Sales, Management…


Talent Finder is useful to identify (search and find)…                       

Talent Recruiter to select and promote (to evaluate, interview, select)

Talent Developer to develop and prepare (instruct, train and coach).

IMDE system developed in Switzerland works over the partners in many countries and languages.

The system is based on scientific facts

IMDE and partners certify and support HR professionals.


Marija Hafner, PhD

Partner of IMDE