How do you train your vision?

Our personal vision is the inspirational mental image of the future we really desire for ourselves. What does it mean to make a personal vision statement? We are familiar with mission statements that a lot of companies use. They write about, supposedly, what their mission is, and their purpose. Sadly, most corporate mission statements are very boring and they are not always carried out. I will not talk about that.


We are going to make a personal deep look at the vision of your life. Why would you want to do this? It serves as a compass in your life. Another reason is that it’s something that will energize and inspire you, when you are so busy with daily tasks and the other things in life that are not very inspiring. What matters is the idea of creating the future you want and attracting that which you want for yourself, because its true that what we focus on without interruption, tends to happen in our lives.

How do you make one of these statements? Does it sound a bit difficult?

Write down your ideas about your vision and the dream you have for your career.

And now experience this vision by getting into a relaxed state, and focus on what you really want to create.


Open up to new possibilities.

Make a picture of the preferred future you seek to create “What do you really want?”

Open to new ideas and allow your imagination to diversify

Focusing on image of how do you see your purpose unfolding

First you focus on your image, then extend your vision a little further – as far as you can

After that draw a picture.

Creatively visualizing in this way will inspire and personally touch you for more inspiration and energy. It directs you to take action and to collaborate with other people, too.

A clear vision is a magnet that draws people in a common direction. It comes out of your needs, desires, imagination and must attract and inspire you. It is based upon values and purpose and takes you to a level beyond the here and now.

Dissatisfaction drives us to vision. From vision we lead out our final main and specific goals.


Alternative exercise for your personal vision:

Imagine the goal you really desire in your life (exp. love, relationship, money…)

Ignore the internal dialogue about whether this is” possible or not”

Imagine how you absorb this goal in your life.

Describe the experience in your present state” as it is happening now.”

Check what it looks like?

What kind of feelings it elicits from you? How could you describe this?


To your success,

Marija Hafner, PhD