About us

Marija Hafner PhD,

Director and CEO of Alpha Center/Education, Consulting, Coaching

marijaI live in Slovenia, Europe. Studied psychology at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, graduated in Psychology, qualified in Psychotherapy, Coaching  and graduated with a Doctor’s degree. In 1994 and 1995 I finished NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training in Santa Cruz, USA.

As I am a practice oriented person I believe that every theory has to be proved in a  practical life. In collaboration with the IMDE (Insyst Master Data Establishment) from Switzerland I am an active partner in the international project “Innovative Expert System” for Human Potential Development in companies and institutions.

My special interest and passion in the area of Coaching is:

•    to raise self-confidence in yourself and to believe that we all have the resources to change our ingrained habits
•    to awake joy and to give support for your own and other’s potential development

So far we provided seminars, workshops, counseling and coaching for different Slovene companies and Government Organizations but recently my main activity is to work with individual clients as a coach and psychotherapist.


Jasna Planin

Independent Educational & Coach Chief Adviser at Alpha Center/ Education, Consulting, Coaching/ EU

photo (19)While living in The United States from 1985-2002.  she was a Marketing Director & Co Owner with her ex husband Mr. Bojan Planin CEO  of  “LAX – Los Angeles Export  International” Company  of  Northridge, Los Angeles, California, which from 1991-1998 was one of the main suppliers of telecommunication equipment for RS Police and RS  Ministry of Defense with different telecommunication projects in total over $3 Million.

With her high credentials in English Language & Literature she is a collaborator of Alpha Center Team.  She is a business English instructor,  lecturer, translator and intepretor for English to Slovene, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian language or from mentioned to English. Her wide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of  Human Relations, enthusiasm, wild spirit, elegant look and ladylike personality earned her a position of my First Assistant. Miss Planin is  involved in all aspect of educational process in Alpha Center. As of last year she is developing another new project  “C M S Relationship Coaching”

She loves freedom and dislikes questions. With a same notion this is how she treats everybody, “no question asked, respect of  privacy”.

As of now Jasna is also preparing for AIOBP “American Institute of Business Psychology” under my professional mentoring. l am very proud of our  accomplishments and we are looking for many more.